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The Wacky World Of Quantum Physics And How It Relates To You

Elegant Universe- Discover the basic concepts of string theory, special and general relativity, quantum mechanics, black holes, the big bang, and hidden dimensions.

Click here for an interview by Nova with Dr Brian Greene

The Fabric of the Cosmos - This book written in a non mathematical format for lay people is a view into understanding space and time. Greene takes a somewhat chronological approach, beginning with Newton, moving through Einstein and quantum physics, and on to string theory and its hypotheses, that dance of parallel universes.

Three short audio clips of physicist and mathematician Brian Greene defining string theory, relativity and gravity.

The Self-Aware Universe by Amit Goswami
Amit, University of Oregon physicist  says consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all existence... the universe is self-aware, and that consciousness creates the physical world.

- Click here for interviews with Dr. Amit Goswami on KRSE Beyond the Ordinary webcast radio
- Click here for an interview wit h Amit Goswami about The Self Aware Universe  

The Field by Lynne McTaggart - investigative journalist, provides a unifying concept of the universe, one that reconciles mind with matter, classic Newtonian science with quantum physics and, most importantly, science with religion.

Beyond the ordinary interview

Shadowlands - Quest for Mirror Matter in the Universe by Dr. Robert Foot

Click here for interview with Dr. Robert Foot on KRSE Beyond the Ordinary webcast radio.

Quantum Physics Bundle

  • A Message of Joy and Hope (DVD) - Ramtha's Address at The Seattle Center
  • Nonlocality and the Observer - A New Model for Your World (DVD), A Scientific Presentation by Mike Wright
Parallel Lifetimes: Fluctuations in the Quantum Field - From the Fireside Series Collection Library. A Paperback Book by Ramtha
Nonlocality and the Observer (DVD)
A New Model for Your World
Science You-nified!
Physics and Physiology for Masters in the Making

Suzanne Nichols
A Beginners Guide To Constructing the Universe
Scheneider, Michael S.
The Quantum World
Quantum Physics For Everyone

Kenneth W. Ford
Rhythms of Life
The Biological Clocks that Control the Daily Lives Of Every Living Thing

Russell G. Foster and Leon Kreitzman
Weighing the Soul
Scientific Discovery from the Brilliant to the Bizarre

Len Fisher
Science and the Akashic Field
An Integral Theory of Everything

An Integral Theory of Everything
The Quantum Brain
The Search for Freedom and the next Generation of Man

Satinvover, Jeffrey


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