Wear what you know. Wear an idea that you can become.

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Discovering Who And What You Are

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment "The tenet of this school is based upon God's direct revelation with you. That has always been overlooked. Yet the training of this school is not through baptism and conscription. It is a volunteer school which is created to peel away layers of incarnation and lives that cover up this direct revelation. It is about peeling back and laying bare what you are. At the heart of this school is the concept 'Behold God.' Why? Because you don't know it. You only know it because I said it. You don't know it even when reportedly Yeshua ben Joseph said it. Just because he said it doesn't make it so for you. Within the statement itself is the empowering will of choice even to disregard, even to disbelieve, even to doubt. That is it. It is all that simple. The school is to take a neophyte and begin to train you in the art of the mind, which encompasses an enormous amount of knowledge that you barely can repeat, along with experience of that knowledge."
Who is Ramtha? - Warrior - Conqueror - Ascended -
Master - Learn what he knew then and is teaching us now.

Who is JZ Knight? JZ Knight is the unique channel of Ramtha and author of the best-selling autobiography, “A State of Mind, My Story.” Historians and religious experts who have studied her life's work call JZ Knight the Great American Channel and recognize her as one of the most charismatic and compelling spiritual leaders of the modern age.

What will you Learn?
At RSE you will learn to access the extraordinary abilities of your brain latent within you to Become a Remarkable Life®

JZK Publishing JZK Publishing, a division of JZK, Inc., is the publishing house for Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, the School of Ancient Wisdom.

RamTube RSE Video Channel featuring video clips by Ramtha and JZ on a wide variety of topics that will inspire you to "Become a Remarkable Life®"

Ramtha's great disciplines of personal change. These practices are powerful initiations where the student can apply and experience firsthand the teachings of Ramtha.

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