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IYFT was founded in June 2005.  Having been a student at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment for the past sixteen years much knowledge has been garnered and turned into wisdom.

I am here to teach you truth. Truth will be what you experience. Everything I tell you is merely philosophy. But if my philosophy, as it were, can only be argued by doubt, then the only way that we conquer doubt is to emerge in truth. And the only way we get that, my beloved people, is to experience the philosophy, for if you experience it and it manifests, then it is no longer philosophy; it is your truth.

Ramtha, A Beginner's Guide to Creating Reality, 3rd. ed. (Yelm: JZK Publishing, a division of JZK, Inc., 2004). 

IYFT has put together some concepts to wear. Slogans are one thing; having the knowledge behind them is another. Thus, links are provided to access the knowledge that supports the ‘in your face slogans'.

Enjoy stretching your mind. There aren't a lot of websites out there reminding you, that you're God. IYFT is here to do just that!!!

In Your Face Truth. Providing knowledge to those who are ready to accept their greatness. You are God!! You don't need to be rescued, you just need knowledge!!

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